Sophie Galate

Spinning Instructor - NRG Health & Fittness

photo of  Sophie Galate

Email: [email protected]

Sophie Galate has been immersed in the fitness industry from a young age. Her mother, the founder and proprietor of Malibu Fitness, a prominent fitness center in Malibu established in 1986, has influenced her upbringing in this environment. As a result, Sophie has cultivated a profound interest and devotion to health and wellness. She has been engaged in various fitness disciplines such as yoga, pilates, and strength training since childhood and started teaching group fitness at the age of 18.

Apart from her fitness career, Sophie is also a skilled singer and musician. This creative aspect of her personality is apparent in her teaching style, as she takes immense pleasure in creating playlists. Her experience in the music industry, particularly in playlist marketing and concert touring, brings a dynamic and enthusiastic energy to her classes.