Steve Monroe

1st Assistant Golf Professional

photo of  Steve Monroe

Phone: 818-347-1476
Email: [email protected]

Steve Monroe enters his first year as First Assistant Golf Professional at Woodland Hills Country Club in 2024. He brings with him a rich history of experiences and a deep-rooted passion for golf. Since diving into the golf industry in 2018, Steve has rapidly evolved into a significant contributor and influencer, especially within the realm of junior golf development. His initial engagement at LA City's Griffith Park complex laid the foundation for his career, where his innate talent and dedication to the sport were evident. Transitioning to the private club sector with Braemar Country Club, Steve carved out a niche for himself, particularly in the Junior Golf program. His contributions there, spanning from organizing and conducting after-school group lessons to spearheading Spring and Summer Junior camps and the Junior PGA League, have been pivotal in shaping young talents. Steves commitment to nurturing the skills and enthusiasm of young golfers has not only benefitted the individuals he coached but also enriched the golfing community as a whole.

Steve was was born in Southern California and then raised primarily in Washington state. After multiple relocations, Steve returned to Southern California for college, a period that saw him develop exceptional interpersonal skills, initially in the hospitality sector and then in the corporate world. However, it was his pivot to standup comedy that truly allowed him to refine his talent for engaging with people. Over a decade of performing across various venues, Steve honed his ability to captivate and connect with audiences, skills that he seamlessly integrates into his golf teaching and mentoring.

He combines his diverse experiences, from comedy stages to golf courses, to offer a unique perspective and approach to golf coaching.

He currently resides in Valley Village, Calif.