"I joined WHCC in 2011; it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I looked at several different clubs and found that WHCC was the perfect fit for me and absolutely the best value. Easy access to the golf course and not having to worry about tee-times has been great. The 1925 Billy Bell Sr. design is just remarkable, as well as fun and very challenging...not to mention we have some of the best greens in the city. WHCC is simply the best place to be a golf member."

Ben Fleet
Executive Member since 2011

"My wife, Nancy, and I joined WHCC in 1991, and it immediately became a second home to us. Nancy didn't even play golf when we joined, and now she plays more than I do. Between golf and the outstanding social events, over the years we have met a lot of great people and made some life-long friends. The golf course is the best, the food is spectacular, and the music events are second to none. There is no question...we really made the right choice 23 years ago."

Phil Mundy
Initial Golf Member since 1991