Guest Information

Woodland Hills Country Club members may invite as many different guests to golf as they would like at respective guest fees. Outside of immediate family under 40*, golf guests may play up to 12 times per year from Oct. 1 through Sept. 30.

*Immediate family, which includes parents, grandchildren, siblings, and children of members under the age of 40, will be allowed unlimited rounds of golf at current rates. Immediate family does NOT include aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws. Non-immediate family members over the age of 40 will be limited to 12 rounds per year at current rates.

Guest Green Fee Rates
(All prices exclude cart fees, which will remain at our current rates) 
(Friday's and holidays are considered weekend guest rate)

Regular Weekday 18 holes - $80 
Regular Weekday 9 holes - $50
Regular Weekend 18 holes - $100 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Regular Weekend 9 holes - $60 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Family Weekday 18 holes - $70
Family Weekday 9 holes - $45
Family Weekend 18 holes - $85 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Family Weekend 9 holes - $55 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Junior Weekday 18 holes - $35
Junior Weekday 9 holes - $17.50 
Junior Weekend 18 holes - $45 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
Junior Weekend 9 holes - $22.50 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Guest play for Saturdays is after 10:00 a.m. for winter hours
and after 11:00 a.m. for summer hours

Golf Promotional Days

  • Special Guest Day for men is the second Wednesday, and Ladies is the third Thursday each month. You may bring out one guest for a complementary green fee. Golf carts will be charged if used.